Santiago Swallow


Self: Imaginary Identities in the Age of the Internet is a major work of literary non-fiction from non-actual personhood expert Santiago Swallow. Due in late 2013, Self explores how the age of Social Media allows us to create enhanced and artificial personae that interact with one another in such a way that each believes all the others to be authentic, when in fact all are fabricated realities created in the mind of machines. As Swallow reveals, this apparently new age is a mere metaphor for the true nature of existence, much like Plato’s Cave or Reeves’s Neo. We all exist only in the mind of the maker machine, and the maker machine is, and always has been, ourselves. This revelatory reading experience, already a best seller despite not yet being published, is certain to inspire a wave of new thinking among luminaries and futurists at venues such as TED, SXSW and the World Economic Forum. Self is a startling work of unparalleled digital exploration from the man described as “one of the greatest thinkers of the Millennial generation.”

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